Best 5 Male Sex Toys


  1. Autoblow 2 ($139) – An Automatic Male Masturbator that sucks you off
  2. Flight by Fleshlight ($250) – Amazing next generation Fleshlight.
  3. Tenga Flip Hole ($99) – The most incredible male masturbator.
  4. Fleshlight (from $70) – The most popular male sex toy and comes in wide variety of forms.
  5. Cobra Libre ($134) – The world’s first true vibrator for men.

Flight by Fleshlight

flightFlight ($69)

Introducing the next generation Fleshlight – the Flight.  This deserves to be called an entirely new sex toy completely.  An advanced masturbator in a case, just like previous Fleshlights, but the Flight is made of a completely different material, as well as packing a vacuum effect that can be increased or lessened by turning a cap at the base of the toy.

Best Beginner’s Prostate Toy

Prostate toys stimulate the region stretching from the anus to the testicles.  They are the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, and if you thought that jerking your cock off was the best that male masturbation can be, then you haven’t tried a prostate sex toy.

Prostate toys are a lot of fun, but for those who haven’t tried it before, it can be intimidating.  So what makes the best beginner’s prostate toy?  A toy that looks undaunting, is gently curved, not too big, easy to use, and easy to insert – the Mangasm Alpha.

Best Deluxe Sex Doll – Plush Doll Bianca

DELUXE-BIANCA_1Plush Doll Bianca ($1200)

Never be lonely again when you can fall into the sweet arms of this beautiful and realistic plush sex doll.  Bianca will always be there for you.  The limbs of her life-like body are easily manipulated so you can fuck her in any position you desire.  Three holes mean triple satisfaction.  This is an affordable deluxe sex doll that will break your heart and not your bank account.

Best Cheap Male Sex Toys

Not all cheap male sex toys are worthless – there are some bargains to be had now and then, especially in the masturbation sleeve category. As a rule, anything motorised or vibrating that costs less than $40 or $50 is most likely a pile of junk, but there are a number of simple pocket pussy toys for men that are high quality and that sell in the $15 – $30 range.


Sue Johnson Super Head Honcho ($17.49)

One of the very best cheap masturbation sleeves, the Super Head Honcho is gloriously ribbed, with a changing feel the further in you go.  A great pocket pussy at a 1/4 of the price of a Fleshlight, this is also a great toy for when you wake up in the morning with a boner and just want something comfortable to thrust into.